A new place for the curious


The Institute Kulturen der Alpen makes its library accessible to interested parties. The reference books can be found in the catalogue of the Cantonal Library of Uri and can be consulted at the Institute.

Alpine economy and mountain hotels, theories of historical science or methods of artistic research: anyone interested in scientific work on the Alps will now find a place to delve into a topic at the Institute Kulturen der Alpen at Dätwylerstrasse 25. The research institute in Uri is making its library open to the public. The collection can be searched via the online catalogue of the Cantonal Library of Uri, and there are workstations on site.

In cooperation with the Cantonal Library of Uri, the Institute has made its book collection accessible and put it online. «We want to make our store of knowledge accessible to the public», says Romed Aschwanden, managing director of the Institute Kulturen der Alpen. Martina Wüthrich, co-director of the Cantonal Library of Uri, is convinced that «making the Alpine Cultures Institute's holdings accessible in our catalogue can be of great advantage to researchers who also use the Cantonal Library's extensive Uraniensia holdings – and vice versa». For the time being, the reference books can only be used by appointment and on site. Depending on resources and demand, an expansion of the service is conceivable.

Since 2019, the Uri Institute Kulturen der Alpen at the University of Lucerne has been conducting research in and around the canton of Uri. After completing a pilot phase, it has been in permanent operation since January 2023, financed by the canton of Uri, the Dätwyler Foundation and the corporations of Uri and Ursern. «By opening our library, we hope for a stronger exchange with the interested population and an additional rooting on site», says Romed Aschwanden.


Opening hours and use of the library on request to bibliothek@kulturen-der-alpen.ch