«Kulturen der Alpen» awards two scholarships

Das Institut «Kulturen der Alpen» vergibt zum 1. Mai 2023 zwei Anschubstipendien für Dissertationen.

The Institute «Kulturen der Alpen» will be awarding two start-up scholarships for dissertations for 1 May 2023. While the «Urner Stipendium» promotes project ideas with an explicit content-related reference to Uri, the second scholarship is not thematically bound. The fellowships are designed as one-year full-time positions according to the salary rates of the Swiss National Science Foundation and are aimed at making substantial progress on a dissertation project and preparing and submitting applications for further project funding. Scholarship holders are employed at the University of Lucerne for the period in question and are members of the Graduate School «Cultures of the Alps».

Interested applicants can find the application documents as a PDF.