Crystals, radiators and mountain shelf


Strahlnerwesen in the canton of Uri from a geological, cultural and legal perspective

On the territory of the canton of Uri there are numerous geological treasures, crystals, fissures and mineral resources. No wonder that their extraction has always fascinated people. Even today, the activity of blasting is still widespread. Spectacular finds such as the giant crystals on Planggenstock in 2008 by the Uri blasters Franz von Arx and Elio Müller or the Stone Age finds in the Lower Stremlücke in 2013 by Heinz Infanger are only the best-known examples. The event will shed light on the history and culture of blasting in the canton of Uri from three perspectives: the geological view, the cultural studies view and the legal view. 

To get in the mood for the topic, there is also the possibility to visit the old crystal cave Pfaffensprung in Wassen with an expert guide.

Monday, 10 October 2022

More detailed information will follow.