Paths, passes and roads

Paths in the canton of Uri from a cultural-historical, touristic and legal perspective.

On the territory of the canton of Uri, there are numerous paths of the most diverse nature: From the hunting trail to the hiking trail, via alpine, forest and pass roads up to the Gotthard freeway. Since time immemorial, Uri has been a transit country, and as such it is on everybody's lips, especially today. Locals as well as travellers coming as far away as Italy shaped the road infrastructure, farmers as well as hemmers, mountaineers and merchants, motorists and bikers as well as the military. The network of roads and paths is dense, sometimes spectacular, sometimes inconspicuous, here crowded, there deserted. Crossroads, bridges, pubs and parking lots make up its equipment. Cultural and natural spaces are linked and at the same time dissected, a landscape-shaping force becomes visible.

The event illuminates the significance of Uri's paths, passes and roads from three perspectives: The cultural-historical view looks at the use and settlement context of historic traffic routes. The tourist perspective is dedicated to the invention and construction of theme-specific new hiking trails with stages lasting several days, which are currently in vogue and attract new audiences. Finally, the legal section deals with the legal basis at the federal and cantonal level as well as with questions of construction, maintenance and liability.

To get in the mood for the topic, there will also be the opportunity to walk the Bauen-Seedorf section of the Swiss Path with an expert guide.


Excursion: More detailed information will follow by mail.
14.00: Swiss Path (Bauen-Seedorf), guided tour on site by Paul Dubacher, (walking time approx. 1.5 h, sturdy shoes, rain protection).

Evening program: Uristier-Saal, Dätwylerstrasse 27, 6460 Altdorf starting at 18.00 hrs.

Prof. Dr. Roland Norer, Member of the Institute Management "Cultures of the Alps"

Criss-cross - Examples of the diversity of historical traffic routes Cultural-historical aspects
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Marion Sauter MA, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Biel

Vier-Quellen-Weg: From the idea to the realization Tourist aspects
Paul Dubacher, hiking trail pioneer, Seedorf

The legal framework for construction and maintenance of the road and trail network Legal aspects
Dr. Emanuel Strub, lawyer, Altdorf

19.30: Discussion
Moderation: Prof. Dr. Roland Norer

Excursion and evening event can be attended independently. We ask that you register accordingly by October 1st to The number of places for the excursion is limited to 20. A contribution towards expenses of CHF 20 will be charged for participation in the excursion.