Science in times of crisis

Benjamin Steinegger speaks about «Epidemiological modelling of COVID-19: What I have been experiencing for two years with a view to the future».

Benjamin Steinegger reports on his everyday life as a natural scientist in times of the pandemic: how he suddenly and unexpectedly went from being a researcher to an expert and can hardly do his actual work any more because of all the enquiries. In addition to questions about the light and dark sides of the expert function, Steinegger will also discuss questions about the future of the pandemic in an audience discussion.

Raised in Flüelen, UR, Benjamin Steinegger is currently doing his doctorate at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona, Spain. His work focuses in particular on the spread of diseases within a population.

11. January 2022, 08.00 pm

Moderation: Boris Previšić

Presentation: Benjamin Steinegger

The event will take place online. You can join with the following link: