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Uri in transition. Population and science in dialog

Uri in transition - Population and science in dialog

The canton of Uri is currently experiencing a surge of change. Some of the visible signs of this are the far-reaching developments in tourism, intensive advertising initiatives for SMEs in Uri and the Uri Institute of Alpine Cultures, the first university institution in the canton. Many other areas are also affected by change, but not everywhere is it as clearly recognizable as in the examples mentioned.

With the so-called dialog project, the Uri Institute Cultures of the Alps is creating a platform where scientists and the population can discuss these dynamics and relate them to earlier developments. How do the changes affect the everyday lives of the inhabitants of Uri and their way of life? What opportunities do they open up and what constraints are associated with them? How are change and its acceleration perceived and used by the people living in the canton?

Each year, the dialog project focuses on a different area. One or two public events are held each year. These are documented and scientifically evaluated.

The project is supported and further developed by an advisory group. The members of the support group are:

  • Nathalie Barengo, Forstingenieurin, Altdorf
  • Dr. Thomas Brunner, Kunsthistoriker, Altdorf
  • Daniel Kauz, Historiker, Gurtnellen
  • Josef Schuler, ehem. Kulturbeauftragter, Isenthal
  • Frieda Steffen, eidg. dipl. Bäuerin, Andermatt
  • Rebekka Wyler, Gemeinderätin, Erstfeld




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