Alpine networks of interconnectedness: the cableways of Uri as role players and spheres of action

This project examines the daily exchanges facilitated by the dense network of small cableways in Uri’s Schächen valley as well as their wider socio-cultural role. In keeping with the actor-network theory of Bruno Latour, the research involves archive research, interviews and infield observation, namely as participants during cableway trips. But the work also introduces a wider range of related subjects such as artistic interventions (musical performance and sound art) centred on the cableways. Together these multi-faceted approaches add up to an exhaustive exploration of the world of alternative cableway uses and benefits, revealing not only cableways’ material but also cultural value.

The project is a joint research venture between the research division of the Basel Academy of Music (Michel Roth), the Institute ‘Cultures of the Alps’ (Romed Aschwanden) and photographer Christof Hirtler. It is funded by the SPARK programme of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF).

February 2020

February 2021

Michel Roth (Manager)
Romed Aschwanden
Christof Hirtler