Alpine Places of Special Energies. Building blocks of a theory on genius loci

Talk of so-called ‘places of special energies’ is normally viewed as an esoteric issue. Nevertheless, many people – not only afficionados of obscurantism – will admit (though often in whispered tones behind a capped hand) that they view certain sites, locations in nature, sacred buildings, and many more as places of special energies where they have x-factor experiences.

Conducted under the aegis of the Institute ‘Cultures of the Alps’, the project Alpine places of special energies – building blocks of a theory on genius loci seeks to develop a conceptual coordinate system, a practical framework for the phenomenon of places of special energies. Currently theoretical approaches to the subject of genius loci have been circumscribed to disciplines like aesthetics, architectural theory, theology as well as a range of parasciences (the latter frequently subject to critical assessments).

To build such a practical framework, this research project will involve performing physical tests through ‘aesthetic fieldwork’ at a number of places often perceived as possessing special energies in the Alps. Cultures of the Alps views the project as an important contribution to fundamental research on alpine cultures and traditions, which is a key focus area of the Institute.

1. January 2021

Dr. Jens Badura