Hanns in der Gand

A stone's throw from the Tell monument, a commemorative plaque has been erected at Kaffee Central, honouring and recalling In der Gand's services to the folk song heritage of Uri. However, his work as a folk singer and folk song researcher is not only important for the canton of Uri. Hanns In der Gand was also the first folk song researcher to focus on «One Switzerland - Four National Languages». In his work, he largely anticipated the recognition of Romansh as the fourth national language and made it accessible to many non-Romansh speakers. The man from Erstfeld also made a major contribution to intellectual national defence.

Today, the entire estate of Hanns In der Gand lies dormant in the Folk Song Archive in Basel. It comprises 14 archive boxes. The tapes from his estate have been saved and digitised at the Swiss National Sound Archives in Lugano. There are also many sheets of music there (according to the online catalogue). 75 years after his death, it is high time for those responsible at the «Haus der Volksmusik» to take up this collection and make this important Uri composer accessible to a wider public.

In Cooperation with Haus der Volksmusik und Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Volkskunde.

Haus der Volksmusik

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