Natural Hazard Law

Conducted under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Roland Norer, this SNSF-funded research explores the legal aspects of natural hazards. The current stage involves producing a synthesis volume. The research first explores the extent of State responsibility, in particular the line between public liability and provisions legitimately required of private citizens. It then looks at public fields of action, competencies and legal aspects (spatial planning law, construction law, water law, forest law, infrastructure law, disaster law).

The natural hazard regulatory environment is marked by a severe fragmentation both on thematic and public responsibility levels. On the issue of the enforcement of natural hazard law, the research examines a range of organisational and administrative models, assessing their contribution to effective judicial implementation. It also analyses the gamut of enforcement instruments (guidelines, recommendations, specifications and technical standards). The synthesis volume currently under preparation will put forward the essential research outcomes.

September 2020

April 2022

Roland Norer