Online Magazine «Syntopia Alpina»

View from Cervandone towards Piedmont and Ticino. Photo: Marco Volken

View from Monte Cervandone towards Piedmont and Ticino (picture: Marco Volken)

Syntopia Alpina connects, networks and serves as spark on both local and regional levels and throughout the Alps. The online magazine presents shared places (or ‘topoi’) where users of the Alps can meet and add value to the biosphere. The intention is that such contributions, in combination with the latest research, will produce meaningful applications, best practices, shared local experiences, and connect them all with future models.

Focused on sustainability, Syntopia Alpina is thus a connecting and networking project that gives expression to the central mission of the Institute ‘Cultures of the Alps’, namely to review – in the condensed spaces allocated to us by nature – the alpine ways of life, work, culture and recreation, and on the basis of that review generate new observations with respect to resources. The project brings together role players from a variety of horizons and sectors, thereby laying the basis for new local and regional initiatives while building on the existing network of relations fostered by the Institute.

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1. March 2021

Madlaina Bundi
Boris Previšić
Marco Volken