Uri in Transition. Population and Science in Dialogue

Photo: Christof Hirtler

Conversation between a researcher and inhabitants of Uri who have just lent a hand to Uri Corporation in Altdorf, May 2019

The Canton of Uri is currently undergoing profound change, with the most visible being the tourism project in Andermatt, extensive promotional initiatives put in place on behalf of local SMEs, and the recent launch of the Institute ‘Cultures of the Alps’, Uri’s first university institution. Many other sectors too are concerned by change, though maybe not as visibly as the aforementioned examples.

Cultures of the Alps has launched a public relations project that involves discussing change with local inhabitants in a thematic, scientific way. Questions asked include, for example: how will change impact Uri inhabitants’ everyday life and lifestyles? What new possibilities does change offer them? What are its potential disadvantages? How do they view and make use of accelerating change?

Members of the Monitoring Group

  • Nathalie Barengo, Forstingenieurin, Altdorf
  • Daniel Kauz, Historiker, Gurtnellen
  • Prof. em. Dr. Martin Schaffner (Universität Basel), Historiker, Basel
  • Josef Schuler, ehem. Kulturbeauftragter, Isenthal
  • Frieda Steffen, eidg. dipl. Bäuerin, Andermatt
  • Rebekka Wyler, Gemeinderätin, Erstfeld


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