Hyperobjects and Hypocrisies. 2nd Research Colloquium of the Institute.


Our first Research Colloquium dealt with the opening chapter of Timothy Morton's book on Hyperobjects (2013). In our second colloquium, we will focus on specific political and scientific issues arising from the interaction with the hyperobjects. To this end, I propose the attached pages from the same publication in four parts: 1. temporality of the hyperobject; 2. "radical asymmetry between urgency and [...] the cognitive weirdness" (p. 135); 3. "the feeling of unreality" (p. 153); 4. Hegel, Marx and equal temperament. Let you be surprised, join in the colloquium, even if you were not able to attend last time and even if you are up in the mountains:

The colloquium will be recorded and uploaded to the YouTube channel of the Institute "Cultures of the Alps".