Baustelle und Botanik

Modern Nature, an homage to Derek Jarman at la becque. Detail of Grands Travaux Urbains, Anne-Laure Franchette, 2020. Photo: Manon Briod (2021)

Looking at the interconnection between architecture and memory, in parallel with the presence and perception of nature within the urban context, I have been developing the think tank «Baustelle und Botanik» since 2017, as part of the TETI group research agenda on nature and the city. TETI is an international interdisciplinary study group set on exploring the textures and experiences of trans-industriality. Nurturing historical awareness, promoting circulation and diversification, the group has played a large part in the attention I have been paying to the position of the artist or researcher as land surveyor. Inspired by the vagabond weeds that grow between the cracks of our urbanity and by my father’s activity as a road sign contractor, «Baustelle und Botanik» explores the hidden facets and metabolism of cities, within a broader investigation of interconnections between nature and cities, rurality and urbanization, built spaces and botany, local and global issues.

1. März 2021

Anne-Laure Franchette