Generous donation enriches the library of the Uri Institute Cultures of the Alps

Generous donation enriches the library of the Uri Institute Cultures of the Alps

In the fall of 2023, Jon Mathieu donated the part of his private book archive that deals thematically with the mountains and the Alpine region to the Uri Institute Cultures of the Alps. This impressive collection of over 500 works will be continuously recorded and added to the institute's own reference library.

Jon Mathieu is an emeritus professor of history at the University of Lucerne and has devoted himself to the study of the European Alpine region for decades. After studying history, ethnology and psychology at the University of Bern, he took on various teaching assignments and guest professorships. He is particularly admired for his pioneering role in the establishment of Alpine research institutions. He founded the "Istituto di Storia delle Alpi" at the Università della Svizzera italiana back in 2000. The Alpine historian is also a member of the scientific advisory board of the Uri Institute "Cultures of the Alps". In this role, he has supported and promoted the strategic orientation, institutional cooperation and personal networks as well as individual projects of the institute since its inception.

The donation comprises over 500 books thematically linked to the Alpine region. These include some antiquarian treasures such as "Wanderungen in den Alpen" from 1899 by Daniel Baud-Bovy. But Mathieu's own works, such as the 2016 Science Book of the Year "The Alps" or the recently published monograph "Mount Sacred. A Brief Global History of Holy Mountains since 1500" are also represented. The reference books will soon be available in the catalog of the Uri Cantonal Library. Those interested can already consult them at the Institute "Cultures of the Alps" at Dätwylerstrasse 25. There are plenty of workstations on site.

Opening hours and use of the library on request at bibliothek@kulturen-der-alpen.ch 

Published on 22. February 2024