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The alpine high valley of Ursern in the canton of Uri is the focus of this volume of essays - not the current tourist hotspot in Andermatt, but the transformation of the mountain region over the last 200 years.

A new place for inquisitive minds

The Institute Cultures of the Alps makes its library accessible to interested parties. The reference books can be found in the catalog of the Uri Cantonal Library and can be consulted at the Institute on Dätwylerstrasse.

"Cultures of the Alps" awards two scholarships

The Institute "Cultures of the Alps" is awarding two start-up scholarships for dissertations as of May 1, 2023.

Population had to make way for reservoirs

A research project by the "Cultures of the Alps" Institute is shedding light on the construction of reservoirs in the Alps and the resettlement of entire valleys required for this. The Swiss National Science Foundation is now funding Sebastian De Pretto's work for four years.