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For a climate-positive Canton of Uri: ETH students develop proposed solutions

For a climate-positive Canton of Uri: ETH students develop proposed solutions

130 Bachelor students are learning how to analyse complex sustainability problems and formulate proposed solutions in small groups on the current case study "Climate-positive Canton of Uri", which was defined with lecturers from ETH Zurich, case partner Boris Previšić from the Uri Institute "Cultures of the Alps" and an accompanying group. Various aspects of a "climate-positive" Canton of Uri are being analysed in small groups. This refers to a drastic reduction in current greenhouse gas emissions and the use of negative emission technologies to offset not only unavoidable emissions to zero, but even beyond that.

However, "climate-positive" also refers to a positive, forward-looking attitude in order to tackle climate protection together. To this end, the students look at the energy situation in Uri, traffic and mobility behaviour, the role of tourism or the financial and economic sector for the climate, forests and agriculture, or the influence of municipalities and consumption. They carry out this research primarily from Zurich. They read reports and scour websites. They are partly supervised by members of the support group (Ivo Schillig and Markus Baumann) as well as other experts (Luca Dittli (Cantonal Bank of Uri), Thomas Aschwanden (Public Transport Department, Canton of Uri), Karl Marty (Altdorf Corporation) and Erich Renner (Andermatt Municipality)).

In addition to the research, the students were able to gain an impression of the canton of Uri during an excursion at the beginning of November and talk to experts. Among other things, they gained insights into the challenges of an agricultural and alpine farm in Altdorf, the Erstfeld heavy goods transport centre and Paul Baldini AG on the Uri valley floor. In Andermatt, they learnt more about the Ursern power plant, the sustainability efforts of Andermatt Swiss Alps and the characteristics of the municipality of Andermatt and how it approaches climate and sustainability issues.

In the spring semester of 2024, the students will then switch from analysing the current situation to possible challenges and solutions. Based on the knowledge they gain about the various topics relating to a climate-positive canton of Uri, they will work with local people to develop and, if possible, implement proposed solutions.

Published on 13. December 2023